Tool Procurement

Global Experience

In this very competitive global market, it is essential to offer low cost tooling solutions to meet customer needs at the same time, always ensuring component quality also meets the customer specification.

Tool design

For many years Algram manufactured its tooling in-house, but owing to offshore competitiveness, it now has established relationships with toolmakers in China where the majority of tools are manufactured.

Algram still has the capability to carry out tool modifications, corrections and repair / maintenance.

Tool Manufacture


Tools Designed to Your Specifications

The choice of appropriate tool materials and construction methods for each project allows us
to offer customers a tool which carefully balances design requirements and cost without compromising component quality.

Flexibility of Design

Whether it is a pre-production tool for 500 parts or a full production tool for millions, our flexibility in design and manufacture means we can reassure customers they are getting mould tools
which will produce high quality parts, cost effectively, throughout the entire life of the product.

Our experienced engineers specialise in designing and producing precision machined tools from a variety of tool steels and aluminium alloys for use on our own in-house injection moulding machines, giving total control over the whole moulding process on one site.