Specialist Capabilities


Our specialist expertise consist of processing high performance engineering polymers using the injection moulding / thermoforming process, supplying to a diverse range of customers, including OEMs within the Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and Electronics Industries.

Current Specialist Processing -

Gas Assist injection moulding Thick Wall Section Processing

Gas Assist injection moulding is used to produce components where a heavy wall section is required and also reduces sink on cosmetic faces.


At Algram we can produce mouldings of heavy wall sections in PPSU raw material where a thick section is required.

Soft Feel Paint Process Over Moulding Process

We also can use upon request, a soft feel paint process used to create a cosmetic surface


Other techniques also include over moulding, using a soft TPE plastic onto
a Polycarbonate / PPSU substrate.

Two Shot Injection Moulding  

Produce complex mouldings from two different polymers at the same time during one machine cycle


Potential New Processes Under Investigation

Plasma Technology - Used to eliminate contamination and improve adhesion properties prior to the painting process.

In-mould Coating - Used to create specific decrative surface finish in line with customer specifcation.