Quality Control

Working to Your Specification

Initial examples are submitted with a full first article inspection report and capabilities studies, which provides actual measurements against each customer-specified dimensions or attributes.

algram CAD designer

Algrams quality assurance is an integral part of every aspect of our operating procedures and our staff are fully trained to understand that everyone is responsible for ensuring the product is built right first time and fully meets the requirements of our customer before despatch.

algram quality control

Quality requirements are identified at the very early
stages of the project through meeting with the customer during the development program and this concept has benefited Algram is achieving ISO 9001, 14001, 13485, 50001 and TS 16949 certification.


Always Putting Quality First

Where ever possible, 'Golden Samples' are retained at Algram, which are approved by the customer as the acceptance standard for subjective attributes such as colour, finish, texture etc.

A combination of first off inspection, patrol inspection and statistical sample based final inspection are used to monitor and control the quality of each production batch of components and assemblies.

SPC will be used on critical dimensions agreed with the customer at the Development and Design stages.

Quality Assured