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Olympus OFP-2 Flushing Pump

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Innovation in Plastic Components

Always wanting to develop and improve their products with emphasis on user centred design, the Medical Research and Development team at Olympus KeyMed have worked very closely with Algram on a second generation flushing pump.

pump attachment


Building on Experience

Algram was able to offer full technical support during the development stages of this product, using its many years experience in processing engineering polymers to ensure the components were designed to allow them to be produced using the injection moulding process and meet their product specification with regards to quality, cost and delivery.


OFP-2 angle shot

The OFP-2 Flushing Pump - Functional Design Innovation

Following the very successful OFP, the OFP-2 provides greater versatility and allows increased user control to meet a wider range of applications, in the gastrointestinal tract.

With its powerful but controllable peristaltic pump the OFP-2 will irrigate fluid via Olympus Endoscopes to maintain the field of view.

OFP-2 front