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Instrument Channel Adaptor & Mouth Guard

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Process & Component Validation

Algram carries out process & component validation using IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operation Qualification) and PQ (Performance Qualification) to ensure a robust process control procedure for quality, cost and delivery performance.

OFP-2 Bottle

Olympus MAJ-1606 Instrument Channel Adaptor

The MAJ-1606 Instrument Channel Adaptor has been designed as an accessory to the Olympus OFP-2 Flushing Pump, providing an effective alternative to irrigation via the integral auxiliary channel of the endoscope.

pump attachment

  OFP-2 angle shot

First Class Clean Room Manufacturing at Algram Group Limited

Algram has successfully implemented a new production cell within their Class 7 clean room for the manufacture of the MAJ-1606 Instrument Channel Adaptor and MAJ-1632 Mouth Guard. This involved our engineering team working very closely with our parent company, Olympus/KeyMed during the development/prototype stages with the product being designed for manufacturing. Our process control procedures would also ensure compliance to the customer specification.

OFP-2 front

State of the Art Clean Room Facilities

We have the capabilitiy to mould, assemble and pack within our class 7 clean room for the medical sector but this area can be used for other applications.