Hand Built Components

Our clean room, injection moulding / assembly facility
is primarily available for the manufacture of medical device components.

It can also be utilised for the manufacture of plastic components in other industries, including Automotive and Electronics.

automotive part

Wire-cut & Strip Capabilities

We have invested in a fully automatic wire processing machine. In doing so we are capable of taking on those jobs you would normally out source.

Keeping all the services in one place for components produced en-mass will improve turnaround and reduce overheads.

wire cutter


Versatile Ways to Assemble Your Products

To complement our component manufacturing capabilities, Algram customers often require a number of secondary operations including:

  • Threaded Insert Fitting

  • Bonding by Ultrasonic Welding

  • Hotplate Welding or Adhesive Systems

  • Mechanical Assembly

  • Electrical Assembly

On-Site Finishing

Through the implementation of flexible assembly cells, we can accommodate the specific
needs of our customers, providing a complete project management service on one site.

Products that need to be finished by hand, can be completed on site and in a rapid and efficient manner.